Our Approach:

Finding solutions is our major strength and what we feel passionate about.

Every organization faces challenges, problems, needs that have to be addressed in the most efficient and timely manner  This is where our company can make a difference.

In our view, solution finding goes beyond solving everyday challenges using available knowledge and proven techniques. Solution finding is also about being open to consider new possibilities,exploring new schemes, avenues or products; embracing new technologies and even reformulating strategies.

A Solution Finding Exercise has a clear goal: take an organization to a superior performance in an organic and sustainable manner.

After our intervention, things that actually work within the organization are strengthened while those with questionable value are redefined, transformed or eliminated for the well-being of the entire organization


Our company has a core team and a wide network of experts in different disciplines. Our people have in common that:

  • We strongly believe that we can make a difference in the world and in our clients performance.
  • We focus in delivering additional value to our costumers.
  • Finding solutions is our passion.

Through Brainy SAS your company can have access to a wide network of  experts, with strong knowledge and experience in Oil & Gas (E&P), Chemistry, Continuous Improvement, Integrity Management, Organizational Learning, Performance Management, Risk and Uncertainty Management & Modeling , Competency Management and Contract Management just to mention some.


Established in 2011, Brainy SAS was born from the idea of offering greener, improved cost-efficiency solutions for everyday life. The central intention behind such early entrepreneurship was working within organizations to:

1.  Raise awareness about the importance of reducing and mitigating negative impacts of human activity on the environment

2. Inspire organizations and people to believe, that regardless of any external circumstances interpreted as unfavorable, we ourselves are the initiators of any change or transformation in the real world.

3. Move people to action, drive organizations to adoption of better practices, better products and materials.


From their earliest interactions with companies, the founders realized that the best way for translating this intention into the real world was helping organizations to do whatever they did in greener, more cost-efficient, effective and responsible manners. Most companies, Brainy SAS started interacting with, were  genuinely interested in improving their performance, customer satisfaction, and contribution. Our role as Brainy SAS was helping them to do it. It was the beginning of the solution finder concept as a service offered to companies with a clear goal: finding better ways of doing what companies do: improving efficiency, products etc.


From actively listening to customer needs, observing the conventional practices and the excitement that the “finding solutions context” inspired in Brainy SAS founders opened up new possibilities. In 2013, the company introduced the first chemical products.

The disciplined effort, the genuine interest in helping clients to improve their business performance, the quality of the products and the trust of our clients have been crucial for Brainy SAS to deserve recognition as a reliable supplier of  innovative goods and services. Less than 5 years from its startup in Colombia, Brainy SAS has gained new clients in Colombia, Ecuador Brazil and Bolivia and keeps a sustainable growth in products, services, sales and satisfied customers.


Today, Brainy SAS access a wide network of experienced consultants highly committed to offer innovative, comprehensive, cost-efficient and greener solutions that fulfill our client today´s needs and make a remarkable difference in their forward performance.

Brainy SAS products and services are developed to take our clients performance to a superior level. In a familiar expression, our solutions aim to outperform the conventional products in ways that matter to our customers.




We will delighted to help in finding a solution that makes a difference in your organization´s performance. Please contact us