Rust Removal & Metal Protection

A complete family of non-acid products for rust removal and metal protection with excellent performance and better cost-efficiency within a wider range of applications and environment conditions. Innovative formulations designed to remove the hardest rust while minimizing attack on metal. Our portfolio include biodegradable and neutral PH products that besides being an excellent alternative for the integrity and functionality of surface and downhole systems are safer for people and environment



Effective cleaning & pickling in downhole and surface systems:

Our company offers a variety of non-acid products designed for safer and more effective removal of inorganic (rust, scale) and organic (paraffin and asphaltenes) depositions from tubing, casing, flowlines, injection lines and well-service tubular (Coiled tubing, drill pipe, etc.)

The removal of  any potentially plugging material adhered to pipe walls before any stimulation, fracture or injection start up is important to minimize risk of formation damage.



Chelating Agents:

High performance- wider operating range chelators. By encapsulating  iron and other cations within stable, water-soluble complex our products minimize the precipitation of undesired  compounds that may compromise success of the acid job.

Anti-sludge Products:

High performance acid based products for prevention of iron-acid-hydrocarbon depositions (sludge) during acid jobs in sandstone and carbonate reservoirs . Our products deliver superior capability in dealing with harsh conditions (i.e above 3000 ppm of ferric iron).



Fraccing Additives

Our frac fluid additives enable usage of production waters with  higher TDS in the preparation of gel fluids. Subtsnatial savings without compromising frac fluid performance.

Special-Need´s Formulations,

When  existing, conventional or commonly used chemical products don´t satisfy your needs and performance expectations, we are glad to explore possibilities to offer higher performance, improved cost-efficient, greener and safer products to achieve your bussiness objectives.