Solution Research & Finding.

Finding solutions is our major strength and what we feel passionate about!

In our view, solution finding goes well beyond solving everyday challenges using available knowledge and proven techniques.

A solution finding exercise is also an opportunity to innovate, to consider unimagined possibilities and products, to explore new schemes, to embrace new technologies and reformulate business strategies.

Our approach pursues a clear goal: take your organization to a superior performance, in an organic and sustainable manner.

Risk & Uncertainty Modeling Expertise.

Our disctintive expertise helps decision makers to have a better understanding and quantification of uncertainty and risk.

We build uncertainty models tailored to your organization needs, run all decision scenarios and summarize results in a concise, easy-to-understand and powerful manner. The areas of application are diverse:

  • Defining field development concept,
  • Determining the optimum size of production facilities,
  • Improving forecasting of production,expenditure, etc.
  • Defining optimum well design for life of field cost-efficiency,
  • Probabilistic forecasting activity before negotiation of long-term commitments with suppliers and regulatory organisms,
  • Comparing different technologies for maximum life of field benefits,

Organizational Learning:

Brainy SAS developed an effective and practical approach to manage organizational learning and drive continuous improvement within any organization.

It is a holistic approach that embracing tools, processes and culture, allows individuals to share own lessons and learn from other individual´s experiences in a more natural manner. The success of our organizational learning system is built on understanding first how human beings learn and then providing structures that mirror human behaviors and strategies, for learning, not the other way around. We define strategies for performance management from the beginning and adopts metrics to monitor how organization learning processes evolve throughout the implementation. Brainy SAS approach is flexible and easily customized to different size organizations.

Integrated Portfolio Management

Brainy SAS builds a complete view of your company overall performance. Ou approach is building dashboards and projections that get automatically updated when teams modify and update any underlying projects, innitiatives or activities.

As a result companies save resources, time and energy in the translation and consolidation of the information provided by teams into the reports presented to managers and top executives.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

People in any organization, in any role, are encouraged to deliver superior performance through continuous improvement and innovation. Our company helps organizations in forming and strengthening an active network of continuous improvement practitioners, capable of identifying problems and proposing effective solutions, through proven and effective methodologies.

Performance Management

Brainy SAS help organizations in designing, developing and implementing performance management strategies and dashboards that truly address company needs and serve to improve organizational performance.

It does not make sense that companies waste time and money tracking and reporting useless indicators.


Brainy SAS offers top quality training in:

  •  Oil and Gas Transport and Logistics.
  •  Risk and Uncertainty Management with Modeling
  •  Continuous Improvement
  • Financial Foundations and Scenario Comparison

Brainy SAS is committed to offer training programs that truly address the needs of your company. We pay special attention in understanding the context, the current situation, vision and concerns of our clients to make sure that training definitively makes a difference in your company´s performance.

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